My Kitchen Wish List

My favorite cold brew coffee. Image courtesy: Grady's
My favorite cold brew coffee. Image by Grady’s

If you’ve read my “About Me”, you’ll know that I recently moved back to India from America, and sorely miss and want some products! I’m that person who asked my fiancé’s brother to bring back a whole bag filled with Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee, almond butter, a bag of toys for my pet; my sister’s boyfriend’s bag was filled with Alter Eco chocolates; my best friend’s boyfriend brought me a box of Sephora goodies… you get the drift. So whenever I find products that are typically not available here in India, I’m elated. Here’s my kitchen wish list for the next few weeks, hopefully I’ll be able to find these things somewhere! If anyone knows where in Mumbai I can get these – please comment 🙂

  • High quality red and white wine vinegar

Every time I read a recipe that contains one of these two I’m confounded – it’s difficult to find a replacement for red/white wine vinegar. Regular old vinegar is readily available here, but the smell just puts me off because my mom puts it in every cleaning agent she has – to clean glass tables, the bathroom, etc. I’d love to find a high quality vinegar I can use in salad dressings, marinades, pasta sauces.

  • Maple syrup

Maple syrup is just not available here! Except for Aunt Jemima’s and Pancake House and other varieties of highly refined sugar. I suppose it is because maple trees are not native to India and nobody has ever tried growing them.

I compensated by buying a bag of coconut sugar on Natural Mantra and am so excited for it to get here. P.s. – I also bought a bar of raw chocolate by a company called Earth Loaf that grows cacao in Karnataka. Yay!!!

  • A doughnut pan

Can't wait to make these! Image by Sally's Baking Addiction

I love cinnamon sugar doughnuts and have been eyeing Sally’s Baking Addiction’s baked cinnamon sugar doughnuts – I definitely don’t want to fry them, so I’m looking around for a doughnut baking pan. Sally’s recipes are wholesome, no weird ingredients, and never fail me. I’ve had plenty of disasters baking using recipes off the internet. Another story.

  • A more powerful food processor

My mom cringes every time she watches me make nut butters as the blender croaks and creaks! Maybe I will invest in one that is for my personal use soon.

  • Lots of red wine! Italian, preferably.
A beautiful red wine my sister and I shared in Positano, Italy.
A beautiful red wine my sister and I shared in Positano, Italy.

In Mumbai, the variety of foreign wines available is just sad. There are limited reasonably priced wines (which by the way are probably 5 times the price they are anywhere else in the world). Wine gods, are you listening?

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