How to Make Frozen Yogurt at Home

Frozen yogurt is the perfect snack on a hot day – back when I lived in New York Pinkberry was my go-to for a healthier sweet treat. If you ask me, plain yogurt (the way it is normally eaten in India) isn’t really the most tasty thing you could eat. Adding just a little fruit enhances the otherwise too-tart dairy flavor. I decided to experiment with making my own frozen yogurt at home after a craving for something icy-sweet but not as unhealthy as ice cream. And of course, you can never be sure how much sugar and what fake flavors and weird additives go into those fro-yo kiosks you see in the mall. It turns out it’s much easier than you think it is if you don’t mind a texture that’s more similar to a sorbet than ice cream. And so I present to you a mini guide on how to make frozen yogurt at home!

how to make frozen yogurt at home

All that’s there to this simple frozen yogurt is finding a good jam. I like St. Dalfour’s brand because they sweeten their jams with grape and date juice instead of refined or cane sugar. This is the perfect place for me to talk about what I’ve learnt is the most important way to be conscious about nutrition – read the ingredients on the labels for everything you buy. You will learn so much about what you are consuming and automatically cut out the bad stuff. Back to the fro-yo – all you have to do is mix the yogurt with your choice of jam and set it in the freezer for six hours. Any longer than that, it will over-freeze and need defrosting before serving.


How to Make Frozen Yogurt at Home
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4-6
A quick and easy how-to for the healthiest frozen yogurt at home with no ice cream churning machines or special equipment required.
  • 400g yogurt
  • 30ml jam of choice (I used blueberry)
  1. Pulse the ingredients in a blender until combined (less than a minute).
  2. Transfer to a freezer safe container and place in the freezer for 6 hours.
  3. Scoop and serve immediately.
You can freeze it for longer than 6 hours with varying texture results. It will get more icy and require 10-15 minutes of defrosting at room temperature.

A how-to for a fresh fruit version is coming up soon!

how to make frozen yogurt at home

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