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Cold Brew Coffee featuring Kala Ghoda Cafe’s Blend

Cold brewed iced coffee is the next big thing in the coffee world – Starbucks recently introduced a cold brew iced coffee in the U.S.; there are several artisanal brands like Grady’s and well-known brands such as Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Blue Bottle Coffee that have cold brew concentrate stocked all over the U.S in Whole Foods and other stores.


When I moved back to India, I brought back a few tins of Grady’s bean bags and squeezed out every drop of coffee I could from them. I can’t live without iced coffee – it’s way too hot and humid for me to drink french press coffee, I don’t like the taste of instant coffee and it’s probably impractical to use my nespresso machine everyday, given that the pods aren’t freely available in India. Since India hasn’t quite caught up yet, I decided to give cold brew a shot on my own using Indian coffee beans.


I wasn’t sure where to even start with that but then it hit me – Kala Ghoda Cafe serves one of the best coffees in Bombay AND they sell their unique blend in the form of beans and ground coffee. I bought a packet of the ground coffee and tried different combinations in terms of the perfect ratio of water to coffee grounds, using a french press vs. in a jug and straining it completely, etc. Today’s batch was finally the perfect version with rich flavor – here are the details on it so you can make it too:

Cold brew coffee with Kala Ghoda Cafe's blend of beans
Recipe type: Coffee
  • 30g KGC Blend ground coffee
  • 400ml room temperature or cold water
  • A pinch of ground cinnamon
  • A pinch of vanilla powder (I used FabIndia's vanilla powder, if you don't have something in a powder or bean form skip this because essence doesn't work well here)
  1. Stir together all ingredients in a glass jug.
  2. Leave overnight in the refrigerator.
  3. Strain the mixture three or four times using a cloth strainer.
  4. Drink on the rocks or with a splash of milk as I do.



Note: some enthusiasts believe that coarsely ground beans work better – I don’t have the right grinding machinery at home so I bought the ground coffee and made sure to strain it very well. If you do have the machinery, feel free to try it out by coarsely grinding the beans yourself.

Kala Ghoda Coffee’s blend of beans is available at their cafe for Rs. 450 for 250 grams. It is located at 10, Ropewalk Lane, Opp Krishna Restaurant, Kala Ghoda Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra. 022 2265 0195.



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