vegetarian-friendly bangkok restaurants

Vegetarian-friendly Bangkok Restaurants: Where to Eat

The food (and drink) scene in Bangkok is mesmerizing! You have access to literally every option from street food to fine dining. While I can’t quite stomach the street food anywhere, I enjoy checking out everything else – mall kiosks, fast casual spots, grocery stores, small eateries that are local favorites. These are some of the top vegetarian-friendly Bangkok restaurants I discovered, for everything from Mexican food … Continue reading Vegetarian-friendly Bangkok Restaurants: Where to Eat

Bangkok’s Best Desserts

Ahhh, my favorite part of every international holiday we take? Dessert. And cheese and wine. And sometimes breakfast (croissants count, right?). I’m in control otherwise but on vacation I make it my time to go all out and enjoy the plethora of sweet treats that I don’t usually have access to in India. Bangkok was a dream come true – there’s no shortage of Parisian-esque … Continue reading Bangkok’s Best Desserts