Roasted Vegetables 101: How To + Tips

Roasted vegetables are underrated. One of the reasons I love roasted vegetables is the slightest hint of charred flavor that baking adds to veggies. This way you get your fill of bright, colorful veggies including a few that you may not normally eat rather than overdosing on one vegetable followed by hating it. I know that you might perceive using the oven as time-consuming or intimidating if you’re new to … Continue reading Roasted Vegetables 101: How To + Tips

red curry tofu skewers vegan

Red Curry Tofu Skewers | Vegan

One morning I was out of ideas for lunch and I thought of making oven-grilled red curry tofu skewers with my latest market discoveries. I was a self-confessed Whole Foods addict when I lived in New York. I used to spend hours there on weekends or after work, going through every aisle, reading the ingredients and nutritional information on everything. I still enjoy going to the supermarkets here … Continue reading Red Curry Tofu Skewers | Vegan

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Bruschetta 3 Ways | Vegan Party Snack

After dinner with friends a few weeks ago, we walked out of the restaurant with a day-old baguette that the management kindly gave us as a little take-home gift. It still tasted perfectly fresh so I decided to make bruschetta 3 ways for the family (and was left over with more bread for a little fondue on Sunday night!). This recipe is perfect for a … Continue reading Bruschetta 3 Ways | Vegan Party Snack

Greek Bruschetta (Or Spiced Chickpea Flatbread?)

Whether it’s good for us or not, bread is such an important part of our diet in India. As young girls, when my sister and I wanted that extra piece of chocolate or another scoop of ice cream, the answer was “everything in moderation”. It’s not that I avoid bread (I love it) but I like to focus on it when it tastes really, really … Continue reading Greek Bruschetta (Or Spiced Chickpea Flatbread?)

The Perfect Green Salad

Before I lived in America I was never really a “salad person”. Even through my years in Michigan, salads were not a go-to meal for me. New York changed it all – salads are basically the one thing everyone eats for lunch when you work at a large investment bank like I did. I tried it out – Just Salad, Chop’t, Sweet Green, you name it. … Continue reading The Perfect Green Salad

cherry tomato pesto bruschetta vegan quick snack

Cherry Tomato Pesto Bruschetta

We almost always have pesto in our freezer or a fresh bag of basil leaves in the fridge – so when we don’t know what to make and no one is in the mood to make an effort, it’s pesto + something (usually sandwiches, quinoa or pasta). In the beginning it’s an easy go-to but over time it gets boring and monotonous (like any other meal). … Continue reading Cherry Tomato Pesto Bruschetta