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I moved back to India recently after spending over seven years living in America: I studied at the University of Michigan and worked at Goldman Sachs in New York after graduation. I knew it was going to be a lifestyle transition when I moved. New Yorkers are spoilt for choice when it comes to everythingOne of the challenges I faced when I moved back was not having access to as many healthy vegetarian meals (whether at home, restaurants or cafes).  

I decided to write my own recipes: recreating dishes I’ve eaten during my travels and time in New York as well as coming up with new ones. That being said, everyone’s definition of “healthy” is different. I focus on incorporating more vegetables and whole grains such as quinoa, millet, oats into everyday recipes while keeping them delicious. Most importantly – everything I use in my recipes is widely available in India. If not in your corner store or a premium grocery store like Nature’s Basket and Foodhall, you can find it online or easily make it yourself using Indian ingredients. 

I now split my time between Mumbai, Kolkata and traveling as much as possible. Discovering new cafes and restaurants in my own cities and when traveling is my passion. I spend hours researching local markets, shops, restaurants and bars before I go somewhere. On the blog, you’ll find a few collections of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants and cafes I’ve found in Jaipur, Bangkok, Cape Town, New York and more.

I like to think of The India Edition as an album of everyday healthy vegetarian recipes and ideas for the modern Indian. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I’m open to collaborating with like-minded people and brands. Feel free to email me at theindiaedition@gmail.com to discuss.

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P.S. All opinions, recipes and photographs are my own unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use my content or images, please contact me prior to doing so.

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